Boys' Games

Although we pride ourselves on producing competitive 1st teams our focus is on ‘sport for all’ and producing individuals who enjoy their sport and teams with good understanding of their games. We often field up to ten boys’ teams on a match day which means that all children have the opportunity to participate and represent the school, appreciating the joy of a win as well as showing grace in defeat. Teams are also given the opportunity to play in mini-tournaments or festivals with our best teams competing in District, County and National tournaments.

Our extensive facilities at Westbrook Hay mean that we can provide playing areas for all. Seven football pitches of various sizes make way for seven rugby pitches and three cricket wickets at differing times of the year. There are also 3 outdoor cricket nets, in addition to the indoor ones we have.

While we hope that some children will go on to achieve greater success in sport, we are equally keen that children leave us with a love of sport and an understanding of fitness and healthy lifestyles.