Stars of the Solar System

Stars of the Solar System

As part of the spring term science curriculum, Year 5 study The Solar System.  Part of the curriculum is project based and the children are given a brief to produce a model or a video depicting what they have learnt about the Solar System.  The children were fortunate this year as they were able to start their projects during the period of home schooling – no doubt this helped them to produce such original and creative work!

The 3-dimensional models are extremely visual and depict the solar system and the planets in a really informative way.   Some of the examples are 

  • Papier Mache planets
  • Original board games
  • A Saturn made out of sponge and wool
  • One model even included electrics with planets lighting up


Choosing prize winners has been extremely difficult for Mrs Harris. The Head of Science. ‘The originality and attention to detail has been absolutely outstanding this year.  The Year 5 pupils have embraced the project wholeheartedly and consequently learnt so much about our solar system and its planets; we are extremely proud of what they have achieved.’

There were lots of certificates and prizes handed out to celebrate the Space Assembly. 

The main three categories winners were

Most original model – Mary and Warren 

Best use of IT – Theo and Ellie

Overall best prize – Ella who produced a replica of Venus out of modelling clay.


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