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Ms Monica Espin

Spanish Teacher

Following my Philology and Linguistics studies at the University of Barcelona, and after completing my teaching thesis, I worked in several language schools across Spain teaching all levels and all ages and I worked together with a team of speech therapists and special needs teachers. I have been involved in literacy programmes and Catalan and Spanish intensive courses for immigrants.

I was a member of a ballroom and Latin dance team for which I also worked as a dance instructor. I was approached by a dance holidays British company and stopped teaching for a while to become an interpreter for their Latin/ Spanish dance instructors all over the world. Eventually, settled in England and carried on in further studies of Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition (SLA), which I am passionate about. I have been tutoring GCSE, A-level and University/ College students for the past 10 years.

I am currently furthering my education in Psychology and Neurolinguistics. It is a real privilege to teach in WBH and be part of this project to expand the Foreign Language programme.

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