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Mr Stewart Woodward

Deputy Head, Head of History and Year 8

I joined Westbrook Hay in September 1990, having previously been a housemaster at Prior Park College in Bath. Having taught 14-18 year olds the introduction to prep school was a challenge; children were to be found at break-time happily swinging from trees, raiding each other’s camps in the woods or chasing each other through the rockery. They arrived at classes well in advance of their bags or pencil cases, and put their hands up to ask something completely remote from the topic under discussion. My time-honoured senior school lesson opener – “turn to Chapter 31 and learn it; I’m just nipping next door for a snooze” – no longer cut any ice. Happily, 27 years later, the excellent nature of the children here at Westbrook hasn’t changed, though other things have much improved, and living on site means I can now nip home for a snooze.

Interests outside teaching include writing and directing plays, acting, song-writing, natural history, golf, fishing and a small spot of gardening. The small spot that’s in the shade under a tree. Regarding golf, solace is taken in the fact that, while my handicap is disdainfully high through lack of any time to practise, I have been instrumental in enabling the enviously low handicaps of the Headmaster and Head of Maths.

With apologies for the photo – as a life-long Spurs supporter there were understandably very few to be found of me smiling – in fact the only other one was taken in 1995, when we last finished in the league above Arsenal.

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