Physical Education

All lessons are taught in Year groups and are therefore co-educational throughout the school. PE lessons focus on developing core skills and allow children to explore their creativity and logical thinking.

Every child from Swallows to Year 8 has one PE lesson per week with the breadth of study encompassing gymnastics, basketball, badminton, uni-hoc, pop lacrosse, volleyball, handball, short tennis, orienteering, outdoor and adventurous activities, athletics and swimming.

We have a Sports Hall which is used for a variety of sports, including gymnastics, and so is set up with moveable apparatus but it is also equipped with fixed ropes and an extendable climbing frame. It can also accommodate other sports such as:

  • A full size netball court
  • A full size basketball court
  • Four badminton courts which are also used for short tennis
  • 5 aside football
  • Cricket nets

There is an outdoor heated swimming pool which is used in the Summer and Autumn Terms. Structured swimming sessions take place to build water confidence and stroke development.

Dance forms part of the curriculum for children in the Lower School up to Year 2 and is taught by a specialist dance teacher. It is also offered to girls and boys in the rest of the school as an extra-curricular activity along with Ballet.