Years 5 & 6

When the children move into Year 5 at the age of 9, lessons are taught by subject, rather than class based teaching.

Some streaming takes place as your child moves into Year 5. This is based on maths, English and science results, although there is some movement between specific subjects to suit every child’s needs.

Our aim is to fully prepare your children for their most appropriate academic step into senior school, be that 11+ and entrance tests during Year 6, or senior school entrance exams during Year 8.

To this end specialist teachers will oversee your child’s development, and the following subjects form the foundation of our curriculum:
English, Mathematics, Science, French, Spanish, History, Geography, Religious Studies, Art, Music, Information & Communications Technology, Design & Technology, Physical Education & Games and PSHE & Citizenship .

There continues to be a full programme of class and year-group outings, events and visits for both enjoyment and to consolidate your children’s learning, including: historical, geographical, scientific and religious visits and experiences,theatre and museum trips, plus orienteering and camping.

There is also an opportunity for the pupils to visit France where they will have the experience of a week of intensive French language and culture. Additionally, there are school plays, assembly dramas, instrumental and choral music concerts to both participate in and enjoy.