• Please register now if you are looking for a place in Reception 2024 - places are limited and at this stage are on a first come, first served basis.
  • Applications are being accepted for Year 3 and above for 2024 where an additional form is added to the year group creating spaces.
  • Please also register for places for Year 7 in September 2024 - we are holding an Assessment Day on Tuesday, March 5 for all pupils who have applied. Further details will be sent upon receipt of registration.
  • We do have limited spaces in other year groups for immediate start or for September 2024 - please contact the admissions team for further information.

Children's names will be added to the list once a completed registration form, £100 fee and a copy of the most up to date school report are received. To be completed by those with parental responsibility for the child. 

Please contact:

Kate Woodmansee,
Director of Marketing and Admissions
+44 (0)1442 256143

Child Details
Special Educational Needs
Are there any circumstances or conditions relating to your child of which the school should be aware?
Your Child's Current School
Parent 1 Details
Parent 2 Details
Nursery Entry
If the application is for Nursery entry - please state sessions required.
Scholarships and Bursaries
Details of the arrangements of test for scholarships will be sent on expression of interest. Scholarships are awarded in recognition of excellence. Applicants may apply for bursaries as well as scholarships.