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Please contact the admissions team to clarify if places are available.  Children's names will be added to the list once a completed registration form, £100 fee and a copy of the school report are received. 

Please contact:

Kate Woodmansee, Registrar
+44 (0)1442 256143

To be completed by those with parental responsibility for the child.  

Child Details
Special Educational Needs
Are there any circumstances or conditions relating to your child of which the school should be aware?
Your Child's Current School
Parent 1 Details
Parent 2 Details
Nursery Entry
If the application is for Nursery entry - please state sessions required.
Scholarships and Bursaries
Details of the arrangements of test for scholarships will be sent on expression of interest. Scholarships are awarded in recognition of excellence. Applicants may apply for bursaries as well as scholarships.


We (as holders of parental responsibility) request that the above-named child be registered as a prospective pupil of the School AND we will pay the non-refundable Registration Fee of £100.00 per child; cheques to be made payable to ‘Westbrook Hay Prep School’, or by bank transfer – Sort Code: 23-84-85 Account number: 01108083 or via the ‘payments’ section on the Website.

By submitting this Registration Form we understand, accept and agree that:

  1. registration of our child as a prospective pupil does not secure our child a place at the School but does ensure that our child will be considered for entry as a pupil at the School;
  2. if our child is offered a place at the School, such an offer will be subject to the School’s terms and conditions for the provision of educational services[1], which will bind us (as the holders of parental responsibility for him/her) in the event (and from the moment) we accept the place;
  3. if applicable, the School may request from our child’s present school or educational institution: (a) information and a reference in respect of our child; and/or (b) information about any outstanding fees and/or supplemental charges;
  4. the School may, with reference to one or both of us: (i) undertake a credit check with a credit reference agency; and/or (ii) require you to provide the School’s Bursar with a bank reference and/or an up-to-date credit report (including a credit score); and
  5. the School may process any personal data about us (or either or us) and our child, including sensitive personal data about our child (such as medical details), for the purposes of:

i.administering its list of prospective pupils;

ii.registration, selection and/or admission procedures, including as set out above; and

iii.communicating with the parents of prospective pupils about the School and generally managing relationships between the School and its prospective pupils.