Our Team

A key factor in the success of any school is the quality of its staff. I feel very fortunate to lead a dedicated team of professionals, who have at the centre of their beliefs a desire to bring out the best in every child. With a range of experiences, ages and interests, the WBH team is well balanced and brings stability, cohesion and commitment to life in the classroom and beyond.  I am also fortunate to have a staff for whom teaching is not all they want to do here, which is why the extra curricular activities, sport and our cultural opportunities are so strong.

Approachability is key to the communication links with parents and every member of staff is contactable through email, which has greatly speeded up response times to and from home. There are regular parent consultation meetings and special `teaching’ introductions at the various transfer points in the school.

We aim to foster a partnership between staff and parents. Those parents who take an interest in what their children are learning, understand how it is taught and have the time to support that learning at home, will get the best from us and their children.

Mark BrainHeadmaster