Performing Arts At Westbrook Hay

Performing Arts at Westbrook Hay is an integral aspect of the curriculum, feeding into all aspects of school life.


Children explore the performing arts in each different Key Stage, with Dance being on the timetable for Nursery and Key Stage 1 to enable children to begin to explore the expressive arts through movement. Crossing over at Key Stage 2 into a wider performing arts lesson being timetabled for an hour a week, including Drama and Movement where children are able to adopt, create and sustain a range of roles, responding appropriately to others in role. They have the opportunities to improvise, devise, choreograph and script drama and dance for one another and a range of audiences, as well as to rehearse, refine, share and respond thoughtfully to drama, dance and theatre performances. Moving through to Drama in Key Stage three, which prepares students for GCSE Drama or the International Baccalaureate in Theatre, framework in their next school.

Our Aims in the Performing Arts Curriculum are;

  • To teach the craft of the different Performing Arts subjects and in doing so promote high expectations of creativity, performance, presentation, criticism and teamwork representing the school values.
  • To explore, understand and encourage empathy between children, teachers and on into wider life outside the classroom.
  • To encourage and develop practical skills that children are able to transfer into all different elements of their educational journey.
  • Through the Performing Arts curriculum explore skills that help children understand key issues and themes in the wider world that we live in.
  • To develop communication skills through both traditional vocal delivery and understanding the importance of movement and physical expression.
  • All children are enabled to participate in and gain knowledge, skills and understanding associated with the artistic practise of Performing Arts.
  • Children have the opportunity to participate in Drama and Dance performances in every stage of the school, from Nativity’s, Middle School shows, whole School Musicals, Shakespeare in the Sunken Garden, Dance displays and many more.
  • We have a strong tradition of LAMDA at Westbrook Hay with over a third of children following the examination syllabus in either Performance or Communication Skills.

Westbrook Hay’s Performing Arts Centre is home to all things Performing Arts, with its 300 seat theatre, dance studio, costume department and technical theatre facilities, enables children to explore all aspects of performing arts from, acting, singing, dance, set building, scenery painting, lighting, sound, make-up, and costume design etc…

Westbrook +, our extra curricular programme, extends those opportunities to students who want to explore their talents further with activities in Ballet (following the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus), Modern, Street Dance, Musical Theatre as well as the Westbrook Theatre Company *(and Westbrook Dance Company when I have five mins)

Future society calls for students that are skilled in working with others, applying their knowledge, insight and creativity, and are critical users of information. To meet these expectations, we must produce competent students who can take initiative and express themselves with confidence and creativity. They need to be openā€minded and possess strong cooperation and communication skills. Empathy and the ability to resolve differences with others are key features of civil consciousness. Our Performing Arts curriculum equips students with these skills, creating Happy, Confident and Successful learners and performers.