Our Parents

We hope through our website we have shown you a glimpse of how Westbrook Hay offers so much as a prep school and is a truly exceptional place for children to spend their early years.

Many of our parents would be delighted to speak to you to tell you what the school is really like! If you are thinking of sending your children to Westbrook Hay and would like to speak to a current or past parent then please contact the school secretary on 01442 256143, or send a contact request via our online form, by clicking here.


Mrs Henderson, thank you so much for yet another wonderful dance display.  You have given us the gift of precious memories to treasure!  Mr Young was right - you are a genius!

- Mr and Mrs Pratt.

Simon and I are both thrilled and relieved that Jamie has settled in so quickly, he comes home every day talking about new friends and all the exciting things he has done. Even on the second morning he was so keen to get involved he didn't stop to say goodbye.

- Simon and Sue Valentine

Our son went to WBH when he was just over two and half years old. As an only child, he is more inclined towards adults than children. However, having spent his time at Robins and Swallows, he is now in Reception happily socialising and even has a best mate! The decisive factor for usas working parents came when he went into Reception and not having nanny care anymore, we can leave him at school and after school club with total peace of mind.

Being in an environment where the class size is small, we are assured that our son is given the attention that he needs academically and for his well being. We are also especially pleased with the support given by the teachers since he joined and we haven't been disappointed since! Finally, the network of mummies that we are now friends with (something that WBH has started off with coffee mornings) is such a great support to us as well!

- Tim and Lena Pratt

Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the performances (Mark and George saw Thursday and I, Friday) it was an ambitious production in a short production window but the result was tremendous fun and a joy to watch. Joy is the word I would like to return to, it simply oozed from the cast, they seemed to be having a wonderful time and that you were able to include anyone who wanted to take part and allow them to shine is a testament to yourselves and the school.

For ourselves we were thrilled to see our previously, insecure, anxious Jacob, firstly choose to take part then conscientiously master the songs, practice his only line again and again and most surprisingly truly take part and visibly enjoy himself on stage. This is a super personal achievement, a sign of his growing confidence and a memory to treasure for us. So thank you all very much for all your efforts and dedication.

- Niki & Mark Lewarne

In our experience, Westbrook Hay has been a breath of fresh air compared to Jake's old school. He has a totally different, positive view of school and learning since joining at the beginning of year 1. We were worried it might take him time to fit in joining at this stage, but the teachers and children were great and within days he had settled in and wasn't 'the new boy' any more. The individual learning support has been fantastic and has had a hugely beneficial impact on Jake's life. The ability for Jake to be involved in so much sport and the facilities for this within the school are also a huge plus point.

- Jo Boydell

It is a difficult task to choose a school for your child - so many things have to be right. We are happy to say that choosing Westbrook Hay has been more than right for our son, Robert. He started school at the tender age of 2 years old and is still there at the age of 12! We truly believe that he is so happy there because of the teaching staff. They go over and above the call of duty ALL the time and are always there for both Robert and us. We cannot thank them enough for the kindness and care they have given to him.

Must also mention, of course, the very strong teaching skills - our children are all doing very well and are happy. The school is full of happy people -personalities are allowed to shine out, both children and staff. The grounds allow the children lots of outside play in the fresh air and they come home tired and happy.The only problem that the school has presented us with is trying to find the next one! Westbrook Hay is a very hard act to follow!

- Sue and Richard Brown

We moved our two boys to Westbrook Hay five years ago. Our eldest son was dyslexic, lacking in confidence and eighteen months behind academically. Our youngest was the opposite, he needed to be stretched academically. After speaking to Keith Young, we believed WBH could cater for both their needs.

Now five years on Cameron, our eldest, is leaving WBH, a very confident, happy boy, with a passion for Art and Photography. He has passed his entrance test into Aldenham and won an Art Scholarship. Oliver will move into year seven next year, thriving and loving every minute of school. He lives for the sport at school and enjoys what can only be described as the family atmosphere.

As parents we are absolutely delighted with the start WBH has given our children, I find it hard to believe that many other schools have teachers that are so dedicated and care about the welfare of the children so much.

- Fran and Richard Holt