The Music department encourages every child in the school to learn to play a musical instrument. All children compose, sing and play percussion and keyboards in class music lessons, and are invited to join the school choirs, orchestra and windband. There are opportunities to join a specialist ensemble, such as the Flute Choir, and to perform solo, whether it be in front of the whole school in Assembly, or in a more informal setting in front of classmates. There is an annual House Music competition which provides valuable recital experience, and formal performance exams such as ABRSM, and external competitions, are supported and prepared for by our qualified peripatetic staff.

Notation and music theory are introduced gradually, and analytical skills are developed during class discussion and interaction with a wide variety of music, from a range of cultures and eras of history.

Music at Westbrook Hay benefits from the wonderful Performing Arts Centre, which offers 4 practice rooms and a 300 seat auditorium, plus the ability to work closely in tandem with the Drama department to produce the annual school musical and other creative projects.

Instrumental music lessons

Ten peripatetic staff visit weekly and offer 30 minute lessons in the following instruments: Flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, trumpet, trombone, drums, guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, singing, harp, violin, cello, and double bass. Over 140 pupils from Year 2 upwards are learning to play an instrument.