Travel Options

Green Travel Transport Links

Children in Year 1 and above are eligible to apply for a seat on one of our minibusses. We have 3 morning and 3 afternoon routes with one fare paying and three free-of-charge shuttle buses. As part of our Green Travel Plan, we aim to reduce the traffic on the drive as much as possible.

New Route - Amersham and Chesham

From September 2024 we will be running a return minibus route to Amersham and Chesham daily. 

New Shuttle Bus - Hemel Hempstead Train Station

We are running a new shuttle bus from Hemel Hempstead train station every morning for children in Years 6, 7 and 8 (and future senior years). This will enable the children to travel independently to school by train.  This shuttle is free of charge and leaves Hemel Hempstead train station at 07:40.

Tring/Berkhamsted Minibus

The Tring/Berkhamsted Minibus is a fare-paying bus picking up from Tring Rugby Club (7:00), through Northchurch and into Berkhamsted with various pick-up points including Crystal Palace (7:20) and Kingshill Cemetery (7.45). Prices per trip are Tring £3.00, Northchurch £2.50 and Berkhamsted £2.40 with a sibling discount of 25%. Bookings are made and billed termly in advance.

Shuttle Buses

The pick-up from, and set down to, points for the shuttle buses are the White Horse Car Park in Bourne End (leaving at 8:00) and the Dunelm Car Park in Apsley (leaving at 07:30). 

If you require any further details about these services including costs and pick up points, please do not hesitate to contact the School Office.