Prep School

Years 3 & 4

Children progress from the Pre-Prep join the Prep School in Year 3.

The breadth of the curriculum is maintained, but there is also the opportunity for more sport and a greater variety of extra-curricular activities. There are sets for English and Maths which allow for individual needs to be assessed, as well as maintaining mixed ability teaching in other subjects.

Years 3 & 4 are located in a purpose-built building which boasts spacious classrooms equipped with interactive white boards, an extensive science laboratory and a bespoke Design and Technology workshop.

Year 3

Moving to Year 3 is a challenging and exciting time; a time of many changes and development. Handwriting continues to be consistently neat and joined. Pen licences are prestigiously awarded for achievement in this area.

Independence skills and self organisation are prominent aspects of our curriculum with children learning to take responsibility for their own reading books, completing homework and changing for games. Golden Assemblies continue to reward excellence in behaviour and achievement.
We enjoy a range of wonderful trips and welcome visitors to support and reinforce all areas of our curriculum. 

Whilst children are encouraged to work hard and achieve their best, they have great fun and happy learning experiences on their school journey!

Year 4

The main focus in Year 4 is to continue to develop the skills and foundations set throughout the Prep School whilst making the learning journey an exciting and enjoyable one. The children are encouraged to become independent learners and are also prepared for the future move into Year 5 where their day will be slightly different.

We visit our neighbouring charity, The Boxmoor Trust, regularly incorporating science into many other curriculum areas. A highlight to our year is our production, where Year 4 play the lead roles with great confidence and enjoyment.