Farewell to our wonderful GAPs

Farewell to our wonderful GAPs

We say goodbye to our wonderful GAPs who have been at Westbrook Hay since the lockdowns.  Sam, Josh and Indie are now leaving us to travel the world.  The children and staff have loved having them here and we thank them for all that they have contributed to life at our school.

Josh: I leave Westbrook Hay having had the privilege of getting to know children who I can only describe as absolute legends. Despite the fact that I joined in the midst of covid, they have made the last two years some of the most enjoyable of my life. I could name a million anecdotes and stories from trips, breaktimes, school fixtures and the rest. That is the intention of this music video - to reflect the memories we've made and how great this bunch of children are.

Sam: Working at WBH was brilliant - getting to know all the kids from Nursery to Year 8 was a pleasure and something I'm definitely going to miss. Whether it was helping lessons on the sports fields or helping the children explore the outdoors, it's been a great pleasure to share that part of their journey with them. And I'll miss it greatly!

Indie: My time at Westbrook Hay has been incredibly delightful beyond words. The students never cease to shock me with their abilities- whether they are creatively, athletically or intellectually gifted. Memories of cosy camping, playtime games, sporting events, and jaw-dropping musicals are just the beginning of things I will never forget from this past year and a half of endless adventures. I am so proud and privileged to have been able to witness children across all year groups thrive, even through the obstacles of the pandemic. Kids have countlessly proven their determination, resilience, talents, curiosity, humour, and kindheartedness. Both staff and students have so much to celebrate because of this. Westbrook Hay has left an unforgettable mark on my heart. I wish everyone all the best of luck for the future as the school and its amazing pupils continue to grow for the years to come.

Josh has produced a wonderful video commemorating their time at Westbrook Hay - Enjoy!