Gardening Club choose the trees for the orchard

Gardening Club to create a new orchard

Year 6 Gardening Club travelled to Bernwode Fruit Trees in Waddesdon to source and buy rare apple trees for the new Westbrook Hay Orchard.   The creation of the Orchard is part of our drive to become a ‘greener’ school and an excellent way to support the Green Travel Plan and thank our parents for their wholehearted support.

Whilst the children were there, it proved to be a fascinating opportunity to learn first-hand about the grafting of apple trees and the importance of the conservation of these rare species, with enormous thanks to Derek and Judy Tolman of Bernwode Fruit Trees Waddesdon.

Mr Ndau and Mrs Harris were proud of our young gardeners; they listened attentively to recommendations to choose the correct rootstock and compatible flowering dates. The children used the catalogues they were kindly given to each select a tree, using the descriptions and historical details of over 860 traditional and rare varieties. Their choices were all interesting and individual. (..more to follow) 

Mrs Harris’ choice was the Issac Newton Apple, grafted from the same tree in the garden at Woolsthorpe Manor that Sir Issac Newton is said to have been sitting under when he observed an apple fall and constructed his theory of gravity. 

There is a story behind each tree and the reason why we have chosen it to add to what may in the future become an important collection of rare and historic trees.


Gardening Club Trip