Welcome to Westbrook Hay

Welcome to Westbrook Hay

On Tuesday night, we welcomed our parents into Westbrook Hay for two lovely events. At our ‘Cheese and Wine’ evening, our new parents, many of whom have not even been inside the school due to restrictions, enjoyed meeting the staff and other parents in the newly refurbished Woodward Lounge.


Most of these parents then moved on to the Performing Arts Centre (PAC) and were joined by current parents of pupils in Years 3 to 8 for our ‘Welcome to Westbrook Hay’ event. This provided a wonderful opportunity for the Headmaster, Mr Brain, to update parents on the many new and exciting developments that have taken place at the school over the summer, as well as the vision for the future. Mr Brain introduced the new school values (courage, togetherness, independence, integrity, responsibility and reflection) and how every half term we will focus on a different value for the children. Earlier in the week, Mr Brain delivered an inspiring assembly on the current value of ‘courage’, a word that is increasingly being used in all parts of school life.

After Mr Brain’s presentation, the parents followed their child’s new Form Tutors to their Form Rooms. The Form Tutors informed the parents about the structure of the day, learning expectations in the classroom, the Westbrook+ Activity Programme, homework routines, sports and fixtures. Parents were given the chance to go on a tour of the newly refurbished Mansion classrooms, which now include state of the art teaching spaces for Years 6, 7 and 8. One of the main attractions was the brand new Year 7 and 8 Common Rooms which the children are really enjoying.

It was a wonderful to experience normality, with parents and staff returning to the PAC afterwards for some outstanding canapes provided by the Catering Department. It was a great opportunity to meet old and new faces, as well as ask a few burning questions. We would like to take this chance to thank all our parents for sending their children to Westbrook Hay, it is a real privileged to be able to play such an important role in their development.

Cheese and Wine Welcome Event