Basketball matches v Edge Grove

Basketball matches v Edge Grove (h) Tuesday 28th November

B team – lost 4 -12 This was a very close fought battle where perhaps the superior size of our opposition just held sway. We defended more tightly as the game went on and certainly created a number of scoring opportunities. All the boys played well but particular mention should go to Charlie who did himself proud! Things to work on are ball retention – we gave it away far too easily at times – and shooting under pressure.

A team – won 22 – 0 Edge Grove obviously had a lot of their players at around the same level and so when they had to step up to play our As our superiority soon showed. Elliot and Will led the scoring, Daniel kept the ball moving from pivot and Archie and Connar did an excellent job of keeping the opposition score down to ZERO! If we had hit our baskets better, we could easily have doubled our score.

A very encouraging start for both teams. View the gallery of photos here.