Book Character Dressing Up Day

Well bless my whiskers, I wanted to email to say a HUGE thank you to you all for joining in so completely with our dressing up today. Having postponed due to 'The Beast from the East' it was great to see us carry on today and still embrace the event with such gusto.

Instead of assembly we held a parade with all who could make it to the Performing Arts Centre. Typically, the A41 was against some of you, however Dr Green and I have since been round classrooms to see everyone individually and made a note of any particularly outstanding costumes.

Whilst some Lower School children did a quick walk-through, the main parade for Lower School was at 11:45 where our youngest pupils had the time and space to really show off their costumes.

What an amazing array of characters and a very excited school of children!

Thank you so much for the effort YOU have put in for your children. 

Yours, scratching fleas,

Hattie Hedgehog (Mrs Julie Thomson)

Head of English and Director of Studies