Haileybury Orchestra Day

Orchestra Day at Haileybury

Thank you James C for your lovely report about the 

Music at Haileybury

"On Friday, 9 Westbrook Hay members of the orchestra went to Haileybury College, for Orchestral day. Haileybury is a large college so my first thought was “Wow! This…is…big!” But gradually we found our way around. This was the typical day we had: 9:30 am - Sign in. 10:00 am -Sectional Rehearsals 1&2. 12:00 pm - lunch. 1:15 pm - Sectional Rehearsal 3. 2:15 pm - Full Rehearsal 1. 3:10 pm - Refreshment Break. 3:30pm - Full Rehearsal 2.

4:30pm – Break. 4:45pm – Concert. 5:30pm – End.

Yes, we had at least a 1 hour session of blowing or pounding or plucking. And it was exhausting for woodwind or brass! The lunch was nice as well: chips, fish, peas and sticky toffee pudding. It was Haileybury’s first ever orchestral day! The instruments in the different groups were clarinet, oboe, bassoon, saxophone and recorder in woodwind. In brass, there was trumpet, trombone, tuba and French horn. In strings, there was violin, double bass, cello and viola. In Percussion, there is drums. The songs woodwind and played were Jupiter, The Firebird and I Got Rhythm.

I Got Rhythm was very upbeat, The Firebird was sad and Jupiter was a mix of the two. Happy to begin with but sad towards the end. I do not know what the strings’ songs were mainly because I am in woodwind. The Brass did played the same as woodwind as they moved into our bit. Naughty! I was very lucky to have gone because I have just joined the school. One thing I have learnt. Haileybury is a very nice and friendly college. Thank you to Mr. Wagstaff to have taken us there and thank you to Sophie for the same thing. Overall, it was tiring but fun!"

Written by James C - 5L