Maths Week

Maths Week

The week started with Smarties Day, a whole school investigation into Smarties. From a mathematical point of view we studied the nets of the packs, drew frequency charts for each colour and estimated the total number of Smarties handled by the school. In contrast, the highlight for the children was probably eating them!

Tuesday saw Andrew Jeffreys and his Magic Maths show visit the school. He brought a smile to all our faces while baffling us with his slight of hand and Mystic Maths.

Charity Day was next with a coin chain reaching 260 metres and raising in excess of £400. Its length was beyond any of the staff’s expectation, going from Lower School to the dining room and nearly back again. In all we had to count over 12,000 coins.

Thursday was Mathletics Day with many a class getting into the UK top 10! The children calculated with great enthusiasm.

Finally, on Friday, we finished the week with a maths relay in the sports hall. 3 sessions with over 100 children involved each time. Loads of fun and plenty of calculations.

The parents were also involved in a interactive maths talk on Thursday Evening and they also had the option of taking up the challenge of the nightly mathematical problems! We do appreciate their generous support on Charity Day.

The focus on maths for the whole week showed our children, staff and parents how learning maths can be fun, how important maths is to our everyday lives and also how good our children are at maths.