Poetry Competition Winner

Poetry Competition Winner

Brown Eyes

We are so pleased to announce that James, aged 11, in Year 7 has just won 1st place in the 11-16 category of a national poetry competition.  The competition was run by A Better Community and the theme for this year was inspired by Black History.  Black History was a week-long topic across the school in October and a theme across the whole curriculum.  James wrote this poem during the half term holidays.  

As part of his prize Sherise Blackman, an actress who has appeared in Eastenders, will be visiting the school to run a workshop with some of our children.

Read James's poem - 

Brown Eyes

My Mum has brown eyes, my Dad’s are blue,
And then there is me, a mix of the two.
Now I have heard of those who may criticise,
People like Mum, because of her skin or her eyes.
I have heard of many folk who had to die,
Because of aggressors ignorance I always cry.


To think there are people out there in our world,
Who think they’re good as they believe what they’re told...
To think that they’re superior to part of me
So much better than half of my family!
Hating to my Mum, loving to my Dad,
The thought of it makes me incredibly sad.

So many good ethnic people who fought against hate
So many good people that were driven to their fate.
Some are born good and some are born bad
Whatever your colour, that latter makes me mad


Some people think that if you’re born white,
You should live in peace, while others live with fright.
I want to run far from those who care for Mum not,
We all deserve to live in peace, not be left to rot!


In sorrow as they live, branded second class,
Faceless they live, with no mourning when they pass.
Black people had separate schools, workplaces and shops,
Separate seats on the buses and low paying jobs.
Yet many of these people who grew up knowing,
Proudly show their faces and hope acceptance keeps growing
Our world should be shared, no one better than another,
I’ll offer my hand and welcome you as my brother.


All people should unite for a better world,
Into the abyss no human should ever be hurled
My dad has loving eyes and so does my Mum
Are they not equal or is humanity still that dumb........?


By James Pilling
Age 11