Snow News 1st March 2018

7:30am Thursday 1st March - The drive is clear and the school is open but please only travel to school if it safe for you to do so.  Our message from yesterday remains.

The weather forecast for the next few days seems to suggest at some point we will get some more snow. We will try to stay open as best we can if the snow does arrive, but if anyone is concerned about their journeys to and from school, I would urge that you exercise caution. Our primary concern is children stranded at school, so if there is any danger of you not being able to make the pick-up times, please come early if you believe the forecast will mean potential difficulty later in the day. If the forecast suggests that you may not be able to make it back to school then it is probably best that you do not attempt the journey in the morning.

For those who do arrive early, please report to the School Office where we can arrange for the collection of your children.