Snow News Here

Barring biblical intervention, Westbrook Hay will be open tomorrow.
However, although no further snow is forecast, temperatures are expected to be as low as minus 5 degrees overnight. Parents must therefore use their discretion before travelling. We will do our best to ensure that the school drive is as clear and well-gritted as possible, as it is now. Our Grounds and Maintenance Staff will be here early tomorrow to continue doing the necessaries. Please drive slowly and sensibly on the school drive. Although it is our aim, it may not be possible for two cars to pass each other easily on 100% of its length. Where the snow has been cleared to the sides of the drive, but obviously not yet disappeared, there are banks of it in places. Given that, plus the freezing conditions due overnight, there is every chance unfortunately that your journey up and down the drive may be even slower than usual.

The School Minibus services are due to be running as normal - to those concerned, please contact your bus driver for confirmation.

It is quite possible that not all our car parking areas will have been fully cleared by first thing. We would therefore ask that car parking be limited to Lower School parents who need to deliver children to either the Dining Room or to their classrooms.

Please ask your children to walk carefully from your cars to their destinations around the school - there are bound to be some icy patches in places.

It is also our intention that events planned for tomorrow go ahead, unless absences dictate otherwise. These events include:

11.00-12.45pm – Carol Service rehearsal for Middle School Choir, Chamber Choir and Readers at St John’s Boxmoor
2.30-4.00pm – Middle School Play to parents
3.00-3.40pm – Upper School Choir/Orchestra Carol Concert at St John’s, Bourne End

Those playing in the orchestra will need to ensure they have their instruments in school.
Please note – should absences of Middle School children tomorrow necessitate, then the Middle School Play will be performed to parents on Wednesday afternoon instead. A decision will be made by 9.00am tomorrow and parents will be informed. We are hopeful of being able to perform this tomorrow as planned, as it is being filmed. However, parents must not take unnecessary risks in an attempt to get children to school – if we need to hold things over to Wednesday, then so be it.

Lower School children should arrive in warm clothing, and it does not matter if this is not school uniform. What is important is that your children have a change of clothing with them, in the likelihood they will be out and about in the snow during the day.

School uniform for Middle and Upper School children, please, but again, extra warm/waterproof clothing, coats, wellingtons etc for playing outside would be very sensible – and especially a change of socks.

Thank you all again for your understanding. Drive safely tomorrow.

Stewart Woodward

Deputy Head

01442 256143