The Summer Term 2020

The Summer Term 2020

Our school mission is to develop, happy, confident and successful children who are well prepared for their future. Following the closure of schools in March 2020, it was most important to us that we continued to fulfill this ideal.  Although the restrictions proved to be a very challenging time for our children, parents and staff, who had to adapt to a new way of learning, these challenges developed the resilience of all in our community. 

Our children learnt how to manage their time, work independently, become expert with technology and continue to learn with their teachers and classmates in live lessons.  From Reception to Year 8, our children followed their timetables and covered a full curriculum over the term.  They used a mixture of resources from Firefly, Google Classroom, Seesaw, Zoom, Mathletics and worksheets keeping them engaged and motivated.

The children had the benefit of being able to work with their classmates in Zoom lessons, interact with one another, ask questions and complete progress tests.  The teachers spoke with the children and the parents ensuring that any difficulties experienced could be overcome, and the social interaction the children were able to experience with their friends and teachers proved to be invaluable.

Our school ethos ‘to provide the best for and expect the best from all of us’, was evident throughout this period. Having provided the best Remote Learning Programme, we have also expected the best from our staff and children. This has been extremely reassuring for our parents who have been wonderfully supportive and appreciative. Some of the work produced by the children during this period has been exceptional; so much so we have shared this work in a gallery called Lockdown Lights. 

The summer term at Westbrook Hay is not simply about the lessons and the academic curriculum, so we were delighted when the lifting of some of the restrictions allowed our youngest children and Year 6 pupils return to school.  Having 26 acres of grounds, pupils were able to return to school in their small ‘bubbles’ and enjoy play and sport outside.  We were also delighted to enable every year group the opportunity to return to school for some time and all our children were able to enjoy a celebration day at school, including sports day, music concerts and prize givings.

For our leavers, the end of term is usually marked with a myriad of special events.  Sadly, many of these had to be cancelled due to the restrictions. However, for the last day of term, Year 8 and Year 6 pupils were able to come and enjoy a very special day in school.  Sports day events, a music concert and a speech day recognised the outstanding success of our leavers and this was followed by a bbq for all.

Our children have achieved so much this year with academic success at 11+ and 11 scholarships awarded to individuals for their talents in Art, Music, Drama and Academic performance.  We very much look forward to welcoming our children back to school in September.