Westbrook Hay Conquer K2 - and further!

Westbrook Hay Conquer K2 - and further!

Westbrook Hay Climb 34,000m that is over 4 times the height of 8,611m the height of K2! 

The Friday Westbrook Challenge was very exciting this week….no more screen work or sitting down!

Mr Brain set all the staff and children a challenge to get moving and see if they could collectively climb the height of K2 – the second highest mountain in the world.

By running up and down an average set of stairs 10 times it is the equivalent of climbing 26m.  It has been wonderful to see the children climbing their staircases at home, steps in their gardens, the key worker children in the Prep-Prep building and the Mansion stairs and even children climbing the steps to the slide in their local playground!  We were particularly thrilled to see Mr Wagstaff running up and down the stairs in the Performing Arts Centre.

Our children have submitted their photos, videos and achievements demonstrating just how many times they have climbed their stairs and we can announce that Westbrook Hay has collectively climbed 34,000 metres – that is four times the height of K2.  The class who climbed the highest was 2S with Sohie B climbing 1534 steps on her own!

Well done to everyone who took part – we are looking forward to our next challenge!


K2 Challenge