Our Values

At Westbrook Hay, we believe that a well-rounded education focuses on more than the academic development of the children.  By adopting a broad, holistic approach we focus on character traits, or values as well as the gaining of knowledge and skills. Our chosen values define what our expectations of the children are in terms of behaviour and attitude.

These character attributes are in 3 categories, those being moral, civic and intellectual.  The moral values are more intrinsic (about me as self), the civic values more extrinsic (my impact on others and community) and intellectual (myself, as a learner).

Our values are:


Courage - to try your hardest, even when the challenge you face takes you out of your comfort zone. you are brave.

Integrity - having a strong moral compass, which guides you to make the right choice. you always try to do the right thing


Togetherness - working within a team to achieve a common goal of happiness, success and confidence for all. You are kind and work well with others.

Responsibility - taking ownership of the opportunities entrusted to you. You look after yourself and those around you.


Independence - you attempt challenges on your own, without adult support, challenging yourself to improve your learning. you have a go without anyone helping you.

Reflective Learner - you review your work and use self-assessment and feedback from others to make improvements. you think about your work and see if you can make it better next time.