Our Ethos

School Ethos

At the core of Westbrook Hay is our unshakeable commitment to children’s progress that makes our community distinctive.

School Mission

Our mission is to provide educational opportunities of the highest quality for boys and girls in our School.

We aim to do this by

Creating a positive and stimulating environment in which children

  • Look forward to coming to School
  • Receive praise and encouragement
  • Are valued as individuals
  • Can enjoy learning
  • Contribute to the life at Westbrook Hay

Offering a broad and balanced curriculum which

  • Aims to meet the needs of differing abilities
  • Provides for equal opportunities
  • Builds a secure foundation for future development
  • Prepares children for their future learning and leisure time

Encouraging children to fulfil their potential by

  • Developing self-confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and independence
  • Providing appropriate challenges to develop and extend their abilities
  • Inspiring them to meet each challenge with persistence and determination
  • Motivating them to focus on the task in hand and make the most of every opportunity

Nurturing the development of good relationships based upon

  • The encouragement of the values of honesty, courtesy and kindness
  • The promotion of tolerance and consideration of the needs of others
  • The development of a commitment to personal responsibility
  • Effective communication with parents and the community