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Living Streets Walk to School

w/c May 16  2022




Living Streets is a national walking charity. We recently entered their WOW 'walk through time' badge design competition.                                  



Our amazing WOW entries by Harry, Reyaansh and Callan.




Walk to School Week will feature staff led Walking Buses from:

  • Little Hay Golf Complex on Monday 16th, Wednesday 18th and Friday 20th
  • Boxmoor Trust Centre Car Park on Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th

Parents are invited to Park and Stride daily from the Old Barn car park

The Horsebox Cafe will be open daily from 7.45am - 8.30am (8.45 Monday and Thursday)


The Green Travel Plan 

Modeshift STARS

         Bronze Award April 2022

As part of the Schools’ drive to improve our sustainability and, in particular our carbon footprint we are developing a Green Travel Plan.

To aid us in this process we are working towards accreditation through Modeshift STARS, the national awards scheme recognising schools that have shown excellence in supporting cycling, walking and other forms of sustainable travel.  There are 5 levels of award: Green, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.  With the assistance of the Hertfordshire Sustainable Travel Officer (HSTO), our particular focus is not only to teach the children the importance of sustainable travel, but to show, by example, that we are doing all that we can (and is practicable) to reduce the number of cars on the school driveway; all the while learning about keeping ourselves safe on the road whether we are walking, in a car, or on public transport.

We started to develop our Travel Plan in the Summer Term 2021 and have already put in place a number of initiatives, gaining our Bronze Award in April 2022.

We have:

  • A daily shuttle bus that meets some of our children and parents in a local car park, enabling our parents to go off to work without having to come up to the school. Primarily for single child journeys, the shuttle currently reduces drive traffic by 14 cars per day.
  • A daily walking bus which meets locally close to Bovingdon. Parents can drop the children off and our staff guide the children through the pathways to Westbrook Hay. One of our staff members drives the school buggy carrying the children’s bags.  This has proven to be a very popular service with the families who enjoy the children having a safe walking journey to school. Although it is not possible for the route to be followed during winters’ dark mornings, during the lighted days of Autumn, late Spring and Summer, drive traffic is reduced daily by some 20+ cars. 
  • Two very popular minibus routes which operate from Berkhamsted, Hemel Hempstead and surrounding villages.   We encourage our parents to look at the possibility of using the school buses whenever possible.
  • An introduction service for parents who would like to lift share during the week.
  • A newsletter to keep parents up to date with our progress, detailing the activities the children are taking part in and opportunities for our parents and school community join in campaigns such as the ‘Cleaner Air Anti Idling Campaign’ in November 2021.
  • Following ‘Active and Safer Hertfordshire’ on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Assemblies and curriculum activities, walks and talks for all age groups such as singing safety songs with Aya and Harry in Nursery and Street Engineering Quizzes for Year 6.

Our Green Travel Plan and Modeshift STARS Co-ordinator is Sarah Whitehead who will be only too pleased to provide further information on our bus services and planned activities.

Eco Warriors

For further details of our initiatives showing how the school is working towards sustainability, please contact  Mr Sav Ndau who leads our Eco Warriors.  They are reviewing all parts of school life to discover ways of becoming a greener environment as they work their way towards adding Silver to our Green and Bronze Eco School Awards.