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The Green Travel Plan

As part of our drive for improving our sustainability, we have a fully operational Green Travel Plan in place.  This is a wonderful service for our parents with the aim of reducing the number of car journeys our parents have to make to the school and reduce the amount of CO2 as a results.

  1. We operate a daily shuttle bus that meets some of our children and parents in a local car park.  This enables our parents to go off to work without having to come up to the school.  This is primarily for parents who only have one child at the school, so thereby reducing the number of cars on our school drive.
  2. We operate a daily walking bus, which meets locally close to Bovingdon. Parents can drop the children off and our staff guide the children through the pathways to Westbrook Hay. One of our staff members drives the school buggy carrying the children’s bags.  This has proven to be a very popular service with the families who enjoy the children having a safe walking journey to school.
  3. We operate three mini bus routes, from St Albans, Berkhamsted and Kings Langley and they are very popular, and we encourage our parents to look at the possibility of using the school buses whenever possible.
  4. We have also introduced a lift share initiative. We will introduce parents to other parents who live locally to share lifts during the week.

The Green Travel Plan is just a small part of our campaign to improve the carbon footprint of the school. Mr Ndau is leading our Eco Warriors to review all parts of school life and discover ways of becoming a greener environment.


If you would like to find out more or sign your child up for one of the ‘bus’ routes, please contact