Westbrook Hay Prep School - Outdoor classroom like no other!

Our youngest children have had the most wonderful start to the year in their new state of the art outdoor classroom which was custom designed for our Pre-Prep pupils (Nursery to Year 2).

In their outdoor classroom the children are engaged, motivated and thinking with stimulating
resources that capture their interest. There is room to run, explore, create and imagine.
The outdoor learning area was designed with a collaboration of ideas from parents, staff and,
most importantly, the children who are at the heart of all we do.  We employed outdoor play
space specialists, Timotay Playscapes, to build an ecological environment that would stimulate

We have built on the existing provision of a Woodland School and extensive grounds where all
our children can run, climb, be curious, imaginative and take risks, whilst fully absorbed in their
learning. In our design, we have built on the heuristic play, already experienced and provided similar opportunities, in our ‘outdoor classroom’. Pupils will be able to nurture plants, observe life-cycles and eat produce, in addition to experiencing a sensory feast. Our mud kitchens, bubbling stream, water walls and beach will enable pupils to engage with the elements, alongside problem-solving with pulleys and levers. Balance and strength will be developed through negotiating wobbly bridges and undulating pathways. Quiet time for thought and reflection can take place in our secret garden and sensory area.

Through uninterrupted play time children have time to practice and rehearse their skills and
become deeply involved in their exploration. Through their own curiosity and interest, they
naturally become intrinsically motivated to problem solve and learn.