The children have achieved some excellent results this year.  So far the children have been awarded academic and sporting scholarships to Bedford School, one academic, two sporting, one music and one art scholarship to Berkhamsted School, two academic, three sporting and an art scholarship to Aldenham School and four academic scholarships to St Columba’s.


Two sports scholarships and a music exhibition were awarded this year to Berkhamsted School, two academic and one music scholarships to St Columba’s, a sports scholarship to Queen Margarets in York and an academic scholarship to Abbot’s Hill and a music scholarship to Haileybury.


Another year full of success for our 11 and 13 year old children.  The children were awarded an academic and a sports scholarship Berkhamsted School, a DT scholarship for Aldenham, five academic scholarships to St Columba’s, a sports scholarship to Merchant Taylors, a music scholarship to Pipers’ Corner, a music exhibition to Norwich School of Music.


The children were awarded two sports scholarships to Aldenham, an academic scholarship to Stowe, an Art scholarship to St Albans and two academic scholarships to St Columba’s.


Music, drama and academic scholarships to Berkhamsted School were awarded this year and also music and academic scholarships to Abbots Hill.


Four scholarships were awarded at 13+ entrance exams this year including the top academic scholarship to St Albans school.   At 11+ a further five scholarships were awarded including the academic scholarships to St Albans High School for Girls, the Royal Masonic and Haberdashers.


Five scholarships were awarded to children this year to schools including Westminster, Berkhamsted, Stowe and Shiplake.


Scholarship were awarded to four children in the 13+ entrance exams including the top academic scholarship to Berkhamsted and awards at Aldenham for both academic and sporting talent. One child achieved a music scholarship to Berkhamsted at 11+.


Scholarships were awarded to nine children in both 13+ and 11+ entrance exams. Awards were given for academic, music, artistic and sporting talent. These included the top academic awards to St Albans and Berkhamsted, as well as awards to Haileybury, Abbot’s Hill, St Columba’s and Millfield.